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UPDATE: Throwback Thriller Costume Contest

Sep 09, 2014 10:47AM, Published by Josh Messer, Categories: Arts+Entertainment, Community

Something About Mary and Monica Lewinski always have the most scandalous times together - Dixie Moore

 Zombie Prom King and Queen - Alisha Busby

 My "Sister Creep" costume...a face only a mother could love. Duanne Slafta

Have you ever had a Halloween costume SO incredibly awesome that you were like, "Dang! I want to wear this getup for EVERY Halloween from now until forever?" But you knew you couldn't because that would be weird.

Well, now you can show that amazing costume off to the WORLD in our Throwback Thriller Costume Contest - sponsored by Sinister Suites Haunted Hotel. 

Just dust off the best photo of you in THAT costume (come on, you know you saved several), and upload it at the bottom of this article. Then everyone in all of the Interwebs will get to see just how awesome you were that one Halloween however many years ago.

Not only that, but you can win awesome PRIZES, too!  Just beg and plead all your homies to follow the VOTE link below and vote for YOU in all your awesomeness!

Prizes are listed below. Winners will be announced October 10, 2014.

RULES: There ARE no rules. Well, except these: ONE entry per person - No nudity, No R-rated images, and No Photoshopping.


**Every entry gets $3 Off Admission for One to Sinister Suites Haunted Hotel! 
  1. Grand Prize:  $25 gift cert to Bank Street + Two Passes to Sinister Suites

  2. First Prize:  Two Passes to SS + one SS T-Shirt

  3. Second Prize:  One SS T-Shirt

This contest is sponsored by Sinister Suites Haunted Hotel


Click here to create a user account on (we promise to only use your info to send you your prize).

THEN - In the comments below {SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE}, upload your best Halloween costume photo from years past. We want to see your hilarious costumes, your creative costumes, and even your scary costumes. Do you have a favorite costume from when you were a kid? We want to see that too! Only one entry per user, please.



Built in 1910, The Griffin Hotel was once THE place to stay when traveling to or through Griffin. The Chamber of Commerce office was in the hotel, and a Tuesday Luncheon Club met in the hotel’s dining/ball room. Though the actual hotel closed in the late 1970’s, it has not lost its reputation among the locals. It is even rumored to have a tunnel leading from a former brothel to the hotel basement.

There have been numerous unexplained experiences and sightings over the last few decades, including young children on the 4th floor, items that seem to disappear and reappear out of no where, and hearing glasses clinking, laughing, and music coming from the once glorious ballroom.

Groups of paranormal investigators have been invited to the hotel in search of proof, but few have actually made it through the night. The basement, which holds the original water heater, and floods every time it rains, used to hold underground fights in a large pit. There are even rumors that men would wrestle bears in the pit.

The hotel is opening to the public for the first time in decades as Sinister Suites haunted house. Keeping the original architecture of the building, guests can now walk through all 5 floors, including 13 themed guest rooms, and a completely repurposed penthouse suite.

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Sinister Suites Photo Contest Halloween

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It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

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